Monday, October 24, 2011

A photoshop/illustrator how-to

One of the things I love to do is design things, which sometimes means experimenting on my photoshop and illustrator programs. I enjoy taking a photo, playing around with it and seeing what I can come up with. That's how I got this before and after:

Truthfully I like them both, but the second one gives it a little edge. So, how did I do it?

I took my beginning photo:

Opened it in Illustrator, then clicked "Live Trace":

Live trace doesn't work well with all photos, I just happened to have fun playing around and got lucky that it looked nice after it was done!

Then I copied the live trace photo into the same file with my original photo, clicked the layer property to "multiply".

And that's how I got the end result:

I decided to add the finished product to a poster on Zazzle:

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  1. Hi! Thanks for your comment. I am now following your blog =) I got the numbered onesie stickers from friends but they have TONS of them on and they are all SO CUTE!



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